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Service Center Hyderabad” also deals in Home Theater selling at bulk level.We are the best Home Theater dealer in Hyderabad. There’s not much like the thrill of seeing the latest Hollywood blockbuster on the big screen! Excitement fills the air as the house lights dim. 

The low murmur from the speakers begins to rise and surround you as the sounds permeate the Home theater from back to front, left to right- adding a bit of vibrating excitement from the tips of your toes up to top of your head. Every hair on your body stands up on end. This experience can be recreated in your very own home, You know, projector is an essential requirements for most of the business today.


People are using perojctor to deliver their presentation in their offices. Projectors are being used to watch Movies in  many home theaters.

But if you talk about the main use of a Projector, then it is used for educational purposes.

We are having a lot of Epson, Benq and Hitachi projector customers from top of the schools, Universities and Colleges mainly in Hyderabad.

On a daily routine we deal with most of institutions in Hyderabad who provides quality education.

You know to get smart education people prefers audio and visual techniques of teaching more. 

To keep this in mind most of the educational institutions are purchasing Epson, Benq, Hitachi and other companies projectors from us.

So, If you need projectors on a best rate you can contact us at +91-9849637171.

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